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CRI Consultancy (Pty) Ltd offers varieties of services within the scope of the consulting industry. The company endeavours to establish itself as a premier business service company in the Kingdom of Eswatini, and the rest of Africa and seek to achieve the status by providing innovative and clients focused business solutions, which are both relevant and cost-effective. Our intention of starting our consulting firm is to make a contribution by providing solutions in the industry and we will do all that is permitted by the law in the Kingdom of Eswatini to achieve our aim and objectives

  • Our business offerings are listed below;

    • Business Formation consultancy
    • Business Strategies for corporate organization
    • Management Consulting
    • Strategy Consulting
    • Recruitment and Training Consulting
    • Marketing and Sales Consulting
    • Human Resource and Capital Development Consulting
    • Brand Consulting
    • Accounting and Financial Services Consulting
    • Compliance (Tax Consulting, government due and Insurance Consulting)
    • Project Management Consulting
    • Stakeholder Management Consulting


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The firm provides training on the tenets of corporate governance to our clients. This helps clients to understand their roles and responsibilities in a corporate entity, and other sectors of society. We see governance in churches, schools, companies, organizations, politics, municipalities and the million question are how do we apply ourselves effectively on those set ups? CRI Consultancy (Pty) Ltd is well positioned to assist facilitate workshops/seminars on the importance of good governance and the impact thereof on the sustainability of the business or any entity


We often limit sustainability to financial position of the organization, yet sustainability is much bigger than that. The firm also provides training on the importance of sustainability and its relationship to the climate change


It is important to understand our stakeholders and their level of influence in our business or entities. Equally, it is also important to know how to effectively manage them. The firm is positioned well to capacitate your organization to effectively engage and manage your stakeholders. We provide or facilitate training on stakeholder engagement and management


“Education is the best ever investment you can ever make” by Nelson Mandela. The firm also facilitate training through couching for those in senior position, but lack proper education to effectively and efficiently execute their duties. This service is not limited to those in senior positions but also to those who seek to upskill themselves, it could be to complete school or tertiary education. The firm provides mentoring, couching and training to those in need for self-advancements, as this is part of the vision and mission for CRI Consultancy (Pty) Ltd. Our envisage dream ( Long-term Strategy) is to have an institution which will provide facilities for school dropouts as low as primary school and elevates them to higher academic levels through mentoring, couching and training


The firm also provide training on effective management and leadership. The purpose of this training is to facilitate refresher training on management and leadership. This ever changing and complex work environment needs continuous training for adaption and relevance. The training also helps provide and insight on the distinction between management and leadership. It also helps to explain the relationship of the two in ensuring effective leading an organization or a team of colleagues/subordinates. The training also helps to understand the dynamics of different teams and also how to build a high performing team


Same as somebody else, I hate KPI (Key performance indicators)! It causes us to lose sight of our ideals and goals and exhausts us in several ways. It diminishes our working interest, innovation, and passion. So, we hate it, but we cannot do without it! Really, the problem is not KPI itself but rather the people who design and implement it. The firm is well positioned to assist in ensuring that you have set KPIs which are realistic and easily understood by your team through facilitating the training on performance management


We live in a dynamic world that is ever changing and if we do not adapt to change, we cannot survive this fast-changing world. In yesteryears’ there was nothing being said about globalization, and now globalization has turned the world into a small village. Therefore, change is inevitable we need to adapt to change. CRI Consultancy (Pty) Ltd is well positioned to assist your business on how to deal with change, and how to implement effective change to your organization

Motivational Speaking

The firm also provides motivational speaking. All we do is telling our story, a story which can inspire your employees or team. A story which can inspire your pupil. A story which can have an impact on the wellness of your team. We are available to talk to your employees during staff meetings or Christmas party. CRI Consultancy (Pty) Ltd through its director and founder is more than willing to inspire you to work towards achieving your dream. We also open for invitation to speak to your team; it could be during the year end Christmas party, team building, family funny day or staff meeting. Our company would gladly honour the invitation to speak and motivate your employees. We have been privileged to be invited by some businesses and schools to inspire and motivate their teams

Compliance services

The firm also provides compliance services to organizations. We provide advices to companies on compliance issues related to Provident Fund and also assist facilitate payments of statutory contributions. How to prepare a spreadsheet that conforms to the electronic submission to the Fund or to submit your returns to us and convert to excel for submission of same. We are also available to educate your team about the Fund, and answer queries for members in almost everything about the Fund. Make compliance simple by engaging experts on Fund issues

Research students

The firm also provides services/supervisory to tertiary students who are writing their research papers. We advise on how to prepare the questionnaires, analyse and interpret questionnaire using SPSS (Statistical Packages for Social Sciences), that is quantitative research


We do gap analysis for companies and provide findings and recommendations. We do surveys on management problems and provide amicable solutions to enhance decision making. Design questionnaires and analyse responses from respondent and provide recommendations from findings

Registering of Companies

The firm also facilitates the registration of businesses with the registrar of companies. We prepare the Memorandum of association and Articles of Association, and Form J for registration of a company within the shortest possible time. We also assist companies acquire trading licenses and change of directors in form J

Incubator for SMEs

As an organization dedicated to development and growth of small and medium enterprises businesses in the country, we also provide incubation services to small business persons who are struggling to find office space or cannot afford office space. The Corporate Research offers facilities to have access to office space and other facilities until such time the business can stand on its own. This enables small businesses to grow as the cost of office space can be hassle

Company Returns and Individual Returns

The firm also facilitate the returns to Swaziland Revenue Authority for client


The firm also prepare financials account for companies or business and manage accounts for clients. The founder Director is a Registered Accountant (Swaziland), RA(SD), having been admitted by the Eswatini Institute of Accountants in 2015 and a Full Member of the Association Accounting Technicians (UK), MAAT(UK)

Data Manipulation and management (Dashboard Excel)

We help solve excel problems and help clean and prepared data to our clients. The company provide solutions to complex excel file and simplify what others would call complex problems. Give us you excel files and get the best services in the shortest possible time ever. We also help clients to prepare excel files to conform for submission of returns to Swaziland National Provident Fund and help to convert MS word files to excel for same submission. Invite us to show you how Excel can perform miracles for you and solve your problems and turn a bigger file to a smaller file

Tender Compilation

We also assist in crafting tender documents to enable our clients to complete effectively. We have a highly skilled, technical and competent staff with enormous experience in crafting winning tender documents. The inclusion of almost all the issues affecting SMEs is occasioned by the goals and objectives of our company to create an ecosystem for Small and Medium Enterprises Businesses. The primary objectives are to minimize costs, increase productivity and expedite processes

Project Management

We have the skilled, organized, passionate and goal-oriented experts who understand what projects have in common, and their strategic role in how organizations succeed, learn and change. The experts play the role of advisor, planner, and leader in working with clients to devise and implement solutions related to process or quality improvement. We are a valuable resource to clients seeking to identify and correct inefficiencies in workflow and processes. Our professionals will handle complex initiatives tied to a specific business unit or for enterprise-wide projects, working on multiple projects simultaneously. They are analytical, organized multitaskers with business knowledge

Tender Proposal

Our Tender Proposal Consultancy covers a wide range of services that supports the acquisition of new production. Our intention is to help our clients growing in popularity both private sector and public sector organizations. Our service vary from receiving advice on new tenders issued, sourcing the bid documents through to assisting with developing client relationships and transferring advanced bidding skills to the institution staff

Business Plans development

We also help businesses to craft business plans for the company. For SMEs business plan is also a road map that provides directions so a business can plan its future and helps it avoid bumps in the road. The Types of business plans we develop for our clients include: start-up, internal, strategic, feasibility, operations and growth plans

Human Management

The rules and norms governing the workplace are changing and employee manuals need to reflect the shifts that are happening. Having well-written and up-to-date employee policies is more than a good business practice. Corporate Research Institute assists the Companies, particularly the SMEs to set up the Policies with clear rules for employees and protection of the rights of employers


As part of capacity building, we also provide HR Management services to a number of companies. The company craft HR policies for clients, recruitment or staff replacement, salary reviews, Job Evaluations, review or crafting of organogram structure. The objective is give SMEs the same services as the large enterprises to enable SMEs to compete effectively for sustainable development and growth

Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19)

These are guides cover a range of different types of work. Many businesses operate more than one type of workplace, such as an office, factory and fleet of vehicles. You may need to use more than one of these guides as you think through what you need to do to keep people safe


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